Laura Schrøder

Get inspired and learn about new trends and tendencies from influencer and content creator Laura Schrøder aka @Laulaubaubau 🤍

What's the perfect bag for you?

"It should be eye-catching, spacious, practical, and I should be able to use it for all occasions. Meaning, it can't be too fancy or too casual."

- Laura Schrøder

What's your favorite style from the new collection?

"Day Gweneth RE-S Slim CB in the color Blue Iris."

- Laura Schrøder

What are your autumn must-haves?

"Everything with fringes. I've completely fallen for the cowboy style. I'd really love to have a pair of brown leather chaps with fringes like back when I had my own horse. How cool would it be to make that trendy?😝"

- Laura Schrøder

What things do you ALWAYS have in your bag?

"Dog poop bags 😂 Those bags are in all of my bags... Quite practical, actually. They can be used for various things."

- Laura Schrøder

How do you combine your bags/accessories with your personal style?

"I love accessories. The more and the more colorful, the better. Imagine a pair of plain pants and a simple white t-shirt combined with a chunky pearl necklace, stylish sunglasses, and a colorful bag (that could, for example, match your shoes). And hats... A hat always elevates your outfit."

- Laura Schrøder

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